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Team goals

Contribute to building a cyber-educated generation and provide the necessary advice and instructions that contribute to providing a safe environment for our children

cultural awareness

Contribute to raising awareness of Internet users against cyber risks.

Security and protection

Developing the protection and security skills of community members in the field of cybersecurity and information protection.

using the Internet

Providing advice to individuals about the safe use of the Internet

We are the Iraqi Cyber Security Incident Response Team, a national team specialized in the field of cyber security, responding to cyber incidents and spreading awareness in the field of privacy protection and self-protection for individuals and institutions on the Internet.

Awareness and Guidance

Iraqi cyber security

Everything related to protecting your children and educating them in the field of cybersecurity

General Instructions

Do not enter suspicious links or websites

Do not respond to any message or request if you do not understand its meaning, and be wary of pop-up ads on websites and within applications.

Think before you post on the Internet

Do not share personal information online, such as where you live or places you often visit.

Don't bully online

Treat others online as you would like them to treat you.


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