Iraqi cyber security

about us

We are the Iraqi Cyber Security Incident Response Team, a national team specialized in the field of cyber security, responding to cyber incidents and spreading awareness in the field of privacy protection and self-protection for individuals and institutions on the Internet.

The team bears the responsibility of securing and protecting national networks, data centers and official websites operating in the Iraqi cyberspace, coordinating national efforts and supporting institutions in the public and private sectors in protecting themselves and their services in cyberspace.

Our Goals


1. Responding to security incidents, limiting their effects, and providing proactive measures to avoid such incidents.

2. Building national cybersecurity frameworks to encourage cooperation between the public and private sectors and information exchange.

3. Increasing confidence in the use of government e-services.

4. Increasing security awareness for users of information technology systems and the Internet.

5. Develop the security capabilities of IT systems managers to deal with security incidents

6. Analyzing security threats and their impact and providing information on the latest incidents and ways to avoid them.

7. Building an approved center to receive reports of cyber incidents.

8. Encouraging research and development in the field of cyber security.

9. Joint cooperation with response teams and organizations at the regional and international levels.

Our Vision


1. Achieving sobriety and reliability of electronic systems

2. Enhancing citizens’ confidence in institutions

3. Raising the level of Iraq internationally in the field of cybersecurity

4. Encouraging the development of electronic services

5. Supporting the e-government and services automation project